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Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy 7th/2016 Vol.1

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ISBN 9789385915468
Publishers CBS Publishers & Distributors
Author Chaurasia B. D
Binding Paperback
Edition 7\e
Year 2016 Reprint (2017)
Size NA
Pages 344
Subject Anatomy
About the Author
This book has been authored by Dr. B. D. Chaurasiya.

He is an Indian doctor and an educationist. Dr. Chaurasiya has written many books to date.

Some of his most significant books are the Handbook of General Anatomy and Human Anatomy for Dental Students: Regional and Applied Anatomy, Clinical Applications, Dissection.


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Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy 7th/2016 Vol.1 UPPER LIMB THORAX

Widely acclaimed as a standard text in view of its simple language, comprehensive coverage and attractive presentation, BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy remains an ideal and the most preferred textbook in India and abroad. The seventh edition of the book has been rewritten, thoroughly revised and updated, to make it still more student-friendly. The seventh edition now features : Newly drawn diagrams, redesigned on the basis of reader-teacher perceptions, in vivid colours, imposing dimensions, with clarity of depiction, using fresh labeling, Enhanced and well illustrated clinical anatomy given along with each concerned topic to increase the book’s utility to the student during the clinical years, Volume 3 presents reinforced material on Head and Neck, Volume 4 now highlights Brain and Neuroanatomy. A CD containing respective videos on osteology and soft parts for better orientation of these topics and FAQs with answers and diagrams for proper preparation for the examinations, accompanies each volume. Many new chapters added to lend flavour to learning anatomy with enhanced interest.


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