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Food for thought health and weight loss (The science behind dieting)

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Editor: City Center – Varna

First Edition

ISBN: 978-619-7503-06-7

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This book is for people who would like to improve their quality of life. For those who want look and feel younger, be healthy and energetic, and enjoy a happy and meaningful life. This book is for everyone, not just those entering the later stages of life. Young people would benefit immensely from learning how to maintain their health and young energies high throughout their lives; and ultimately how to avoid the turmoil of the modern stressful lifestyle. The book aims to give you the tools necessary for achieving optimal physical health and great social and professional relationships.



Introduction. 5

Chapter 1: Food Digestion and Toxin Accumulation. 7

Chapter 2: Reversing the Toxin Accumulation and Boosting the Self-healing Process  12

Chapter 3: Autophagy or “Self-eating”. 14

Chapter 4: Alkaline Foods for Therapeutic Fasting. 17

Chapter 5: The Role of Insulin in the Body. 21

Chapter 6: Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. 23

Chapter 7: Therapeutic Fasting Refined. 32

Chapter 8: Duration of the Therapeutic Fasting. 34

Chapter 9: Warm Water and Alkaline Water 36

Chapter 10: Breaking the Fast – Reinitiating Eating and Maintaining a Healthy     Lifestyle. 38

Chapter 11: Modern Health Clinics’ Approach to Health. 43

Chapter 12: Inner Conditions Affecting Health. 47

Chapter 13: Bonus! Delicious International Food Ideas for Low-GI meals  59

References. 90


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