The Encyclopedia of Integrative Medicine Volume 4: Diseases of the Respiratory System

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Integrative medicine
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The Encyclopedia of Integrative Medicine

of Prof. Dr. Vrabka Orbetsova, dmn. and Violeta Zamfirova.

Their mission is to restore physical and mental health thanks to the unification of scientific achievements and empirical experience. Integrative medicine combines official medical science with various types of alternative medicine - folk (Bulgarian, Chinese, etc.), iris diagnostics, anthroposophic medicine, mineral therapy, honey treatment, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, pulse diagnostics, treatment with living and dead water, bioenergy, energy information, reflexology etc.

You can learn more on the Facebook page or the blog. To buy the books - phone 0885 098686 or email: [email protected] (Violeta Zamfirova).

The following five books have been published so far:
– Volume 1: Cardiovascular Diseases
– Volume 2: Cancer Prevention
– Volume 3: Diseases of the excretory system
– Volume 4: Diseases of the respiratory system
– Volume 5: Diseases of the digestive system

Expect the following five (not yet released):
– Volume 6: Rheumatology
– Volume 7: Hematology
– Volume 8: Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases
– Volume 9: Allergology
– Volume 10: Kvanovo – energy medicine


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