Transcranial magnetic stimulation in normals and pathology

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Transcranial magnetic stimulation in normality and pathology

Author: Anton Kosev, Alexander Aleksandrov, Marin Daskalov
Released: 2012
Publisher: AI Prof. Marin Drinov
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 180
ISBN 9789543225163

In 1985, Barker and colleagues showed that it was possible to stimulate peripheral nerves and the brain with little or no pain using the method of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Since 1985, TMS has entered exceptionally intensively not only in the field of fundamental research of the human brain, but also in the clinical practice of diagnosis, and recently also in the treatment of some neurological and mental diseases.
The monograph summarizes research on the neurophysiological mechanisms of the brain related to the control of human motor activity in normal and pathological conditions. The monograph also presents research that illustrates the feasibility of using TMS to study pharmacological effects on corticospinal tract excitability.

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