Cellular signaling

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Academician Vanyo Mitev's book "Cell Signaling" is a luxurious color edition with hard covers, 619 pages, large format, including 210 figures, 172 boxes and 32 tables.

ISBN 978-954-09-1524-1

Year of issue: 2021

The textbook can be conventionally divided into 3 sections: chapters 2-7 are devoted to the consideration of fundamental concepts, such as post-translational modifications, receptors, G-proteins, transcription factors, growth factors, cellular oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, types of protein-protein interactions protein, etc., without which the understanding of the mechanisms of the transduction pathways will be impossible. This is followed by the description of 17 transduction pathways (PKA, PKC, MAPK, CaMK, JAK/STAT, PKB/Akt, mTOR, Wnt, NFkB, Hedgehog, TGFb, RET, Notch, Reelin, Hippo, Merlin and CK2) and finally 3 chapters, dedicated to cell death, oncogenesis and Covid-19.

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