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ISBN: 9789549382501
Author: Ivanka Asenova
Year of issue: 2009
Volume: 333 pages.
Neuropsychology is that clinical and experimental field that deals with the study, understanding, evaluation and treatment of behavior directly related to brain functions.




In normal people:
At the mental level the Idea arises.

At the next level, the idea must be put into words (language coding), this is the linguistic level. This coded phrase must be encoded into real speech signals (audio, written). Complex movements are required to pronounce the phrase, this level is speech praxis, here complex motor programs are activated to pronounce the phrase.

The next level is the Elementary Neurological Level - motor commands are sent.

The phrase is then spoken.
Levels from the perceiver's point of view:
- elementary neurological level - sensory reception.
- speech gnosis - identification of phonemes, recognition of phonemic composition.
– language decoding
- mental level - idea.


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