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Orthopedic diagnostics

After the publication of "Orthopedic Diagnostics" (1966), orthopedics developed very rapidly. The expansion of operational capabilities goes hand in hand with the improvement of diagnostic methods. The new edition of: "Orthopedic Diagnostics" has not changed its place in the orthopedic literature; it is not a supplement to any orthopedic textbook. In principle, it does not stop at the therapy, but should be an aid for the accurate and systematic recording of the clinical status of the musculoskeletal system. As before, only research methods and techniques that have already become established in practice are presented. The scope of the book has greatly expanded compared to the first edition, it is still clear and practical, although it can no longer fit in the pocket of a doctor's coat.

Author: Wolfgang R. Hepp; Hans W. Debrunner Number of pages: 316
Category: Medical literature Language: Bulgarian
Weight: 0.440 kg.
Publisher: Medicine and physical education Barcode: 9789544202781
Date of issue: 2010 ISBN: 9789544202781

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