Lost connections

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  • Author: Johan Harry
  • Year: 30-09-2019
  • Translation from English: Rosen Lutskanov
  • ISBN: 978-619-01-0504-6
  •  Johan Harry

    Wise, profound and informative, Harry has written a book that is packed with explosive revelations about the epidemic of despair that is upon us. Yes, it's a book about depression, but it's also about the way we live today, and the ravages our lives of isolation are wreaking on our collective mental health and general well-being.

    – Naomi Klein

    An extremely accessible exposition on why no man is, never was, and never will be an island... If you're feeling a little down or even suicidal, in fact, however you feel, read this book and it will help you understand which paths we must take if we want real and lasting change.

    – Emma Thompson

    During his mind-blowing journey around the world, Johan Hari meets extraordinary people and astonishing theories that will forever change the way we understand depression. This is a bold, exciting, magnificent, accessible and moving book that should be read by anyone who longs for a life filled with meaning.

    – Eve Ensler

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