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The purpose of this book is to present theoretical and practical knowledge and techniques related to the study and treatment of the nervous system. The author describes an algorithm for the treatment of damage to the nervous system based on the research and treatment techniques of well-known experts in the field of manual therapy, orthopedic and neurological diagnosis and treatment: David Butler, James Cyriax, Geoff Maitland and others. The text is richly illustrated with photographs and sketches. Knowledge of techniques for diagnosis and mobilization of the nervous system expands the possibilities for effective treatment. The connection between diagnosis and treatment practice is skillfully made. The richly illustrated information presented creates prerequisites for the effective application of this new method of treatment in our kinesitherapeutic practice.

The book is intended for students of kinesitherapy, medical students, kinesitherapists, doctors, rehabilitators and other specialists working in the field of orthopedics, traumatology, neurology, physical medicine, rehabilitation and other fields.

Assoc. E. Dimitrova, doctor

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