Neurogenetics a molecular and bioinformatic approach

36.90 лв.

Neurogenetics a molecular and bioinformatic approach

Author G. Nenova and E. Molle
Publisher Medicine and Physical Education
Edition First edition
Year of issue 2012
Size B5
Volume 264 pages.
Cover type EMeka


The five sections of the book cover the theoretical foundations, experimental approaches, and applications of neurogenetics in medicine. The first section examines the anatomy, cellular and subcellular organization, function, and development of the nervous system. The second section is devoted to diseases of the nervous system from the point of view of neurogenetics. The third section introduces the reader to neuroinformatics, i.e. in the appendix of biostatistics and bioinformatics in neurogenetics. The fourth section is devoted to the basic methods for studying neurodegenerative diseases, and the fifth deals with the animal models used to study neurodegenerative diseases.


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