Absent fathers, lost sons

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  • Author: Guy Cornot
  • Year: 10-07-2017
  • Translation from English: Lyudmila Andreeva
  • ISBN: 978-619-01-0067-6
  • A psychoanalyst of formation, as they call it Guy Cornot (1951-2017), as an author he has no traditional career. His interest was first directed to the theater. He is the director of an acting troupe - writing, acting and directing several plays, including "La complainte de Fleurdelysée Fortin", which attracted the attention of Pierre Gauvreau and was presented at Radio-Québec in 1974. The last part of the play was presented in Marseille in the winter of 2008.


    After receiving his master's degree from the University of Montreal in 1976, Guy Cornot continued his studies at the Institute of analytical psychology "KG Jung" in Zurich, where he graduated as a psychoanalyst in 1981.

    After ten years of practice as a psychoanalyst, he undertook a broader study of French society. He gives numerous public lectures, classes and tours, which he organizes, especially in the French-speaking part of Europe, but also in the United States, Japan and Brazil.

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