Hypersensitive people

19.90 лв.

  • Author: Elaine Aaron
  • Year: 23-01-2020
  • Translation from English: Evelina Andonova
  • ISBN: 978-619-01-0569-5
  • Dr. Elaine N. Aaron began to study the sensitivity of sensory perception as early as 1992 and, in addition to scientific articles on the subject, she is the author of the books The Hypersensitive Child, The Hypersensitive Person in Love, The Hypersensitive Person's Handbook and The underappreciated self. She is also known for her research in the field of intimate relationships, which she does with her husband, Art Aaron. Dr. Aaron is a graduate of the Jung Institute of Psychology in San Francisco. She works as a psychotherapist in the Bay Area and also leads public and professional seminars. More information about her and her quarterly newsletter Comfort zone can be found on

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