Emergency surgery Prof. Dr. Nikolay Yaramov

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Emergency surgery

Edited by Prof. Dr. Nikolay Yaramov
Publisher: MI "ARSO"
Edition: First
Year: 2011
Size: A4
Volume: 831 pages.
Cover: Hardcover
Language: Bulgarian


This manual is built mainly on the experience of prominent surgeons of ours, leading the most renowned surgical clinics in our country, due to this fact, prominent specialists in individual sections with proven pedagogical experience and long teaching experience were attracted to write this textbook. A lot of knowledge and experience are needed for a surgeon to make the diagnosis of diseases from emergency surgery The great responsibility of the surgeon is in the early diagnosis and accordingly to decide the fate of the patient in need of emergency surgical intervention. The surgical profession is a legally regulated activity, representing a source of increased danger.

The smallest manifestation of ignorance, inattention, carelessness, recklessness can lead to irreparable consequences for the patient. Rapid diagnosis of patients with surgical emergency and immediate emergency treatment are of utmost importance to reduce their mortality. The favorable outcome depends on the time of the operation. The sooner the patient is operated on, the greater the chance of saving him.

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