Possibilities of project management in healthcare

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Author(s): Mila Georgieva
Edition: First
Year of issue: 2015
Volume: 272 pages.
Format: 165 x 240 mm
Cover Type: Hardcover

The monograph "Project Management Opportunities in Health Care"

is organized into seven chapters with an introduction, conclusion, bibliography and appendices.
1. Portrait of change in health care
Main features and key challenges, place in management.
2. The project and health management
Definitions of project, program, portfolio. Types of projects, classifications.
3. Project management and its phases
The design algorithm.
4. Forms of financing projects in healthcare
The sources according to the stage of development of the project.
5. Instruments for financing projects in healthcare
Structural funds, international programs, national programs, regional programs and initiatives. International and Bulgarian funding organizations, governmental and non-governmental. Competitions and project awards.
6. Selection of the appropriate source of financing
Legal sources of information, application conditions and project implementation requirements.
7. The language of project management
Dictionary, features of the language, terminology. Most commonly used abbreviations.
The sources cited in the bibliography are 552. Appendix 2 gives 9 pages of online addresses for useful links to information about programs and projects: institutions, networks, centers, newsletters, agencies, etc.
In conclusion, the reviewers share that the book has a high practical and theoretical value and is "testimony of lasting interest, experience gained and results achieved in the preparation and development of health projects and raises the authority of the author as an expert and teacher".

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