Atlas of Ultrasound Diagnostics

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Atlas of Ultrasound Diagnostics

ISBN: 9344202396
Author: Under order. of Valeri Chakarski
Publisher: Medicine and physical education
Year of issue: 2004
The new edition of the abdominal atlas ultrasound includes all novelties that have appeared so far in ultrasound diagnostics, as they are yet to gain popularity and application in our country.

In connection with this, all chapters have been revised and supplemented, the illustrative material has been completely renewed and expanded, a large part of the photos are digital. The chapter on ultrasound physics and ultrasound equipment is introduced for the first time.

The Doppler chapter is also unique in the information that will be obtained from it. Additional heads for the eye and salivary glands are also included, making the atlas fully multi-functional and meeting the needs of a much wider range of specialists. For greater completeness and quality improvement, the authors are supported with materials from leading companies, manufacturers of ultrasound devices ALOKA, Toshiba, Swibo, Philips, Krets.

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