Multidetector computed tomography

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Multidetector computed tomography

Author: Prof. Kichka Velkova, Associate Professor Vladimir Sirakov and team

In recent years, imaging diagnostics has been developing at a rapid pace and more and more modern imaging and diagnostic methods are entering practice. Thus, computed tomography, after the first axial tomographs and the spiral ones, is now practically completely performed on multidetector devices. Unfortunately, there are not enough modern guides in the Bulgarian language to be used in the training of post-graduate specialists in imaging diagnostics, as well as imaging diagnostics doctors when working with these modern imaging-diagnostic methods. First, the authors introduce us to the physical and technical aspects of MDCT, paying special attention to the radiation protection of personnel and patients during its application, which has been a much-discussed problem in recent years. The next section discusses the image contrast enhancement issues in this study. The types of contrast, dosages and risks associated with its application are discussed. Special attention is given to the risk of contrast-induced nephropathy, also a current problem. A special section is devoted to arterial image enhancement, which is divided into whole-body imaging and CT angiography. The second section of the book is devoted to specialized research. The authors have divided this section according to studies - head and neck, thoracic, cardiovascular, and abdomen and pelvis, with each section further divided into general and research subsections. After the first sub-chapter comments on the general principles of research in the relevant field, then in the sub-chapter "research" standardized protocols for conducting the same are given concisely and very clearly. This is the most valuable part of this book, because it is high time to standardize the examination protocols of all MDCT devices so that the results are comparable.

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