Clinical toxicology propaedeutics

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Clinical toxicology propaedeutics

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The educational aid Acute poisonings: texts and tests for students and general practitioners, aimed at enriching the knowledge of medical students from the 3rd year and medical specialists in health care-bachelors, trained at the Faculty of Medicine of the MU - Plovdiv, was met with interest and it sold out quickly. This necessitated its re-issuance after a critical assessment of the information needs, re-evaluation of the data, structure and updating of the information. In this manual "Propaedeutics of clinical toxicology" basic knowledge about poisons and their clinical manifestation in case of overdose - poisoning is included.
Synthetically examined:
Basic concepts of toxicology
Basic processes of toxicokinetics, toxicodynamics and toxic action of exogenous poisons-xenobiotics
Current epidemiology of poisonings in the Plovdiv region
Basic behavioral algorithm of the medic in case of acute poisoning in hospital and inpatient medical care
The problem "toxicological diagnosis, content, formulation, specificity
The most common acute poisonings according to their frequency in our country and the patterns of behavior in their diagnosis and treatment
Case-models of types of acute poisoning
The manual includes medical toxicological diagnoses formulated in Latin, real medical cases as illustrations of certain toxicological patterns of disease.
The material is illustrated with tables, diagrams and photographs of toxicological health changes.
In essence, the material satisfies the teaching of this specific subject for the medical students of the 3rd year, who at the same time study the Propaedeutics of internal diseases and the Propaedeutics of surgical instruments. Thus, knowledge from these disciplines is supplemented and developed in a targeted manner.
This textbook can serve as a reference for medical practitioners interested in the problems, approach to and treatment of acute exogenous poisoning.
It is obvious that the present manual suffers from incompleteness and has imperfections.
The author will gratefully accept any critical comments that will intentionally help to improve the content or format according to the users' requirements.

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