Special obstetric care in normal and pathological puerperium

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The modern study guide is devoted to the specialized care of the midwife for the woman who has given birth. It can be used by healthcare educators as well as tutors, students and medical practitioners.

After the great excitement surrounding the birth has passed, another, very important change in the life of every woman comes - the postpartum period begins. Regardless of whether it is normal or related to pathology, the postpartum period raises many questions, the answers to which every woman can get from the midwife. Between the midwife and the woman in labor, an extremely close bond is created, born of the same gender, identical experiences and the sharing of some of the most intimate and cherished moments of life, such as pregnancy and childbirth.

SBN: 978-619-221-251-3
Number of pages: 224
Authors: Valya Dimitrova, Teodora Evtimova

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