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     The monograph Chronic fasciolosis and endogenous inhibitors of cell proliferation contains original results on the influence of fasciolosis on tumor formation in the host's organism and the antitumor effect of some newly isolated endogenous inhibitors of cell proliferation of helminthic and host origin.

The book presents clinical and experimental data (mostly own research) on stimulation and suppression of tumor development under the action of helminths Fasciola hepatica and isolation and testing of endogenous inhibitors of cell proliferation of helminth and host origin. The author's original data was obtained through a variety of modern research methods as a result of long-term scientific research.

By means of the author's own results and literature data, the pathogenesis of fasciolosis has been summarized and hypotheses have been expressed for some mechanisms of the antitumor action of sexually mature helminths in chronic fasciolosis. The data from clinical, biochemical, molecular biological, genetic, pathophysiological, histomorphological and immunological studies were successfully interpreted. About 360 contemporary literary sources are cited.

The monograph represents an original contribution to the current problem of the interaction between helminthiasis and carcinogenesis. This modern interdisciplinary development is interesting both for specialist parasitologists and oncologists, as well as for a wider circle of researchers - doctors, biologists, veterinarians and students.




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